How to cook porridge

Porridge - a popular dish for a children's breakfast and not only. Kashi are light and nourishing. This dish.
Today, our Russian family has almost everything. We will tell a few tricks that will help you learn the basics of cooking.

Grain preparation

When choosing cereals, pay attention to the whole grains. Before cooking, be sure to sort the cereal to select the bad grains.
Rinse the cereal before cooking, if its size allows it. Some types of small groats (for example, quinoa groats) are conveniently washed, wrapped in gauze. Rinse the first time with cold water, the second time - hot. Cold water removes starch from the surface of grains, hot oil - fat. Rice is washed only when cooking pilaf or side dish from it.
If you pre-heat the grits in the pan without oil, its taste and nutritional properties will improve.
Before falling asleep in a saucepan, you can pour boiling water over the cereal: the cereal prepared in this way cooks faster, which means it retains more nutrients.

On milk or on water

Usually porridge cooked in milk or water, at least - in broth. If you cook porridge on water, it should be boiled and not hard. Milk porridge is especially tasty, but not suitable for daily meals. Boiled milk is poorly absorbed by the child's body, its frequent use can make a child with a weakened immune system allergic.

Sticky or crumbly

The density or friability of porridge depends on the amount of cereals and liquids used during cooking. This table shows the ratio of the volume of cereals, the amount of liquid and the cooking time for cereals of average thickness.

Cook correctly

Porridge is cooked on medium heat, avoiding a strong boil.
When you fall asleep the cereal, wait until the water boils, then drain it, replacing it with clean water. Shift water should be hot. Along with the first water will leave the extra starch and bitterness.
Stir any porridge slowly, clean the fat and pop up husks with a spatula or skimmer.
The finished porridge is left to languish under a cap or thick towel.